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I have a deposition for my workers comp next month. Can anyone tell me what that is, and what happens? Has anyone here been to one with RSD? I have not been involved in court before.

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    • caja...I'm sorry I can't help you with that. But wanted to wish you well. I haven't gotten that far with my case. I am sure Skooze will be here shortly..and can help you out. Dee
      #1; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:31:00 GMT
    • been there done that. not fun- probably the most rattled i have been thru this whole thing . basically ,its you, your attorney and w/c's attorney and a court reporter in a room - you are being interogated . they are trying to catch you in a lie! my attorneys advice was unless you are 100 0/0 sure your answer should be i dont know , i dont remember, or you'll have to refer to my medical records. they already have the answers to all the ? that they ask , what they are trying to find out is -if you are telling the truth. they will ask the same ? several different ways - make sure you give the same answers. ask for breaks , mine took 3 hours. if possible only give yes or no answers. the more you offer , the longer it will take . like we need more stress.

      im sorry that you have to endure this. your attorney should prep you for this-if you dont have one - get one .


      #2; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:32:00 GMT
    • Robbin - that sounds absolutely awful!!! I would not like that at all and would probably cry through the whole thing.

      cajamajo - I wish you well with this, please keep us updated.

      #3; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:33:00 GMT
    • I have a lawyer. He told me to be there an hour early to go over everything. Being on all the meds memory is lacking. I am to the point that am ready to give up. My family relationship is suffering. I cant take this pain. Now my other leg is showing signs. I wish God would just call me home! I feel as if I am worn down to nothing.
      #4; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:34:00 GMT
    • New here so hope I am doing this right. I have CRPS/RSD in my left arm/shoulder/neck/head. Overuse sydrome of my right hand. Two years now and still not coping well with lifes changes and severing of my family due to me being focused primarily on moving carfully so as not to hurt myself more so I didnt do much in my household or otherwise anymore. I have a lawyer and do get a minimal monthly income from W/C and now I am going to the DIM doctor to make a final determination of my disability so they can settle with me. I am terrified because I take care of my children financially alone. My girls take care of me and the whole household. I am taking many expensive medications that I feel W/C will not want to settle with enough to cover the meds. I wont get much with SSI if I have to try for it. What I very much have to know is; What kind of settlement does W/C settle with for an injured worker with this kind of diagnosis and permanet physical pain. Help, Please; Knowing all I just said I hope that you will give me at least some ideas about how W/C deals with this and if they say"here is $5,000, sorry for your trouble"' My lawyer told me that it is possible they might do that even though I have eight or nine doctors who all agree on my diagnosis. However one of their IMD W/C doctor said I was fine and they should release me with 5% disability and send me back to work and not provide me my meds or other medical help I have been getting. I totally tripped out. My Specialist doctors told me that the W/C doctor did not have knowledge or understanding of my diagnosis and should not have been chosen to do my eval. Even so, the court will still listen to that testimony. My docs said W/C is known to do that so they can get out of paying very much for the injury. How can they do that? Thanks for listening and I hope youll respond. Alone, not me anymore, experience constant various pain, and confused. Bella29
      #5; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:35:00 GMT
    • I'm sorry about your situation. You should definitely apply for social security, if you cannot work. You can collect both at the same time. It also qualifies you for Medicare, which would cover your medicines. When they rate you for WC, they take each affected part of the body separately. So if you have trouble thinking and remembering if it has affected your head, that would count also. Then they factor in your life expectancy and add all the parts together with their own formula and come up with a total rating.

      I assume your lawyer has all of the records from the specialists and would present them, too. Is he knowledgable about RSD? It is now a listed disability for SS so that should help.


      #6; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:36:00 GMT
    • I went to one of my doctor's yesterday for my monthly visit, and she got the deposition letter in the mail, and it's going to be on the third... so I guess that means my court date is coming up soon after that, I'm so nervous... I don't know what to expect. But I too have to deal with the two IME doctor's they sent me to that said I was fine and exaggerating my illness for financial gain (Which is quite funny, because I have not received any money in a year... yeah... real financial gain there!). Let us know how it goes, I want to hear from other people that had their IME doctor's say they were fine, and hear how their case goes .Good luck.
      #7; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:37:00 GMT
    • Thank you for your reply. I cannot use my computer much so I will check my answers for help weekly or more if possible. Does anyone pretend or hide their pain in front of strangers or even family as not to worry or burden them. I do and it is exhausting. I have to leave the house once or twice in one day a few times a week to drive my girls a few blocks away when weather is bad. I should not drive for pain and use of primarily one arm and I have major cognitive affects of my medications. I when I do leave and go shopping I am out for a few hours and then have to recoup for a few days. I am seeing a man and he likes to hug and it hurts me. I tell him when it is bad but I try to hide that pain too and then come home and suffer in silence. He wants me to get off the meds and doesnt understand that if I do I will not be able to deal with the extreme pain again. I used to refuse to talk to people much and did no chores at home before and cried alot. The pain was to much to hide anymore so I did not see people then. Now I even hug him and my girls sometimes and do some chores. He doesnt know what he is asking of me even though I have told him. He knows I hurt but thinks I can deal with it without help. He is not educated with CRPS/RSD. I dont see him as much now because of his lack of support. Anyone do similar things? Have issues like these? Hope for reply. Thanks again for everyones support. Bella29
      #8; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:38:00 GMT
    • I hope each of us come out alright with this and I will definately keep you informed with my progress. Bella29
      #9; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:39:00 GMT
    • Cajamajo, Please search for a place to go mentally that maybe you havent tryed before. I dove into books of christian support about family, pain, life trials ect. I read each day even when I cant. It is hard to hold a book at times I can now type with one hand at times but not for long. Seek and you'll find another thead to grasp. My relationships all severed including my children and fiance. I had to stop working, he broke it off, one of my girls couldnt handle the pressure and increased responcibilities and moved with her grandma. I couldnt deal with the pain and being abandoned. But...I force myself to read self help books, went to cousiling for a year, physical therapy longer than that, supportive docs. I got put on meds to help me tolerate some of the pain better. Even though nothing takes it away and it still gets unbearable. After one year, my daughter moved back with me, my x fiance talks with me and drives me to my appointments.

      I have to do my own shopping now even though it hurts and I dont do much for a few days after that but I do it. The point is that when I used to beg to be called home several times a day each day I wasnt ready to accept the changes and it wasnt right that it would happen to me like that. My docs agree that I still have accept things and move on. But to where? How? I am doing much better than I was when I cryed so much each day in pain, anger and frusration. I still feel all that but deal with it differently. You must go though these physical, mental and life changes like a lot of us. Like me, you could loose it all but hold on because with time and faith things can come back together but stronger. Please find your strength and hold on to your faith. Bella29

      #10; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:40:00 GMT
    • Mcgiffin, What was your outcome with the work comp? Bella29
      #11; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:41:00 GMT
    • We had the deposition on Friday and today the workers comp dropped the court date. They were going to try and stop my weekly checks like they have stopped my medical and meds. I think now they are willing to start back up with medical and meds. I can't afford it on my own. I hope to hear more from the lawyer soon. It sounds like they might start paying again. I just have to wait and see. All of you who are on W.C. know thre is no hurry with them. I just keep praying.


      #12; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:42:00 GMT
    • We had the deposition on Friday and today the workers comp dropped the court date of the 19th. They were going to try and stop my weekly checks like they have stopped my medical and meds. I think now they are willing to start back up with medical and meds. I can't afford it on my own even with personal insurance the co-pays on doctors and meds are high. I hope to hear more from the lawyer soon. It sounds like they may start paying again. I just have to wait and see what is going to happen next with them. All of you who are on W.C. know thre is no hurry with them. I just keep praying.


      #13; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:43:00 GMT
    • Hopefully WC will reinstate your medical. Please let me know when they do. I am flying back to Denver in May for another WC doc appt. They are hoping to get a second of their docs to discredit all my docs opinions and treatments. I went to yet another of my own docs today. My doc filled out a five page ability to perform physical activities packet. It wasnt good. This doc affirmed all of the other eight/nine doc and specialists opinions documenting my need for continued medical treatments and inability to work. When I did work I used my brain and my hands in a medical environment. Now my arm/hand use is little to none and my brain is suppressed and depressed. Cloudy times topped off with confusion. Distracted by pain and meds. I will keep writing about my progress with WC. Please do the same. Bella29
      #14; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:44:00 GMT
    • I have been on W/c on and off since 05...This latest one after 3 surgeries on my knee...I was hoping that I could have a total knee and get this over with...Nope...I now have RSD. I thought I saw light at the end of that tunnel...Now I don't even see a flicker! My att. tells me to hang in there. I went to the W/c doc and he said everything looked fine...yeah okay...I have no more cartilildge in the knee. W/c in this state is awful.. It took me 3 months to see a doctor to see what was happining to me..Now I have this. This all came about because of an injury...and I also blame W/C for not oking me to go the Drs. I went to the W/C doc and he tried to mess me up by asking the same questions in different ways/I made him write down that I was under 100mgs of demerol. Let them take me to court. I have all the medical back up that I need. When this is over...if ever...some is going to take responsiblity for this. 60% of my pay (that I earned in 05)

      is a joke. I have just about lost everything and have sold just about everything that I could just to stay afloat. I guess the one advice that I could give someone..get a good atty and don't get hurt in Ma.!!

      #15; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:45:00 GMT
    • My injury was in Colo. Not good either. I earned a college degree and was striving onward toward a PhD but was stopped in my tracks for what I thought was going to be a semester. Colo. is not required to pay to retrain an injured worker to perform another trade or in my case a profession. It might just be me but I am not feeling like I am being held in the professional manor that I had hoped. It is not great to live with these issues and limitations. It is none better to exist within the darkness awaiting a moment of light to find it filled with vulchures ready to pick us of what we have left. It takes its toll. We should continue to persue self help activities for acceptance and encouragment. Take care, your not alone. Bella29
      #16; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:46:00 GMT
    • Hi Bella,

      I want to Thank you for responding to my letter on RSD site too. I talked with Atty yesterday and here in Mass. they are supposed to help with retraining. But He said that he has quite a few pwople out on comp. that have this RSD along with there injuries. And they now are out of work for good. I talked with a freind yesteday also after I wrote on this site for RSD and she told me that it was in my head that she has pain too. And she goes to work everyday. No matter what I said,she told me that it's mind over matter. That I was one of"those people" that take advantage of the system. I tell you I waas NOT HAPPY. I told her that I the engergy that I have left is not going to be wasted on her. I have all I can do to get though the mins of the day. I'm telling you Thank God that there are people like you out there.

      #17; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:47:00 GMT
    • gjeepn,

      I went to a pain clinic in Boston for awhile. I think you might be going to the same one. If it is, the head of that pain clinic wrote and article in the New Yorker- you might want to read it. How far are you from Boston? The Cape? I do not think we can put names of docs. and things like that but I would be interested in finding out if you are going to the same as I did years ago. Also I read in another thread about a friend who goes to work and says pain is mind over matter- obviously she does not have rsd. Let her think what she wants and do not discuss it with her- you know her opinion and obviously she knows exactly what you are going through. I went to a college in Westfield and got my degree. I landed my dream job and then less than a year later got this disease. I went back to work quite a few times before they told me I had to retire. I did graduate top of my class at the Suffolk County training academy so I say to you keep on doing what you can. If you can move and play basketball than do it. Do not listen to negative people you already have your share of negative things floating your way. I wish you luck and kick some butt in school. That degree is something noone can take away from you no matter what. Tryy and think of the things you can do and try and focus on the positive-it is sometimes hard but I try and tell myself that everyday. Good luck...Nikki

      #18; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:48:00 GMT
    • Hi Nikki,


      It might just be the pain clinic you are thinking. I hope they can help.

      No I live in the central part of the state


      #19; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:49:00 GMT
    • Hi again, it is hard to fathem how some people can hurt the ones they love and have comfortable dreams when they sleep. Even so, I have been told mean and/or negitive things by those I care for also. I am a firm believer in the mind as a powerful tool. It can bring pain relief and get you going in life again. HOWEVER, I feel that nerve pain is one of the worst types to get releif from and the meds in our world are only tipping the ice burg in progress toward lasting relief much less a cure. They will keep charging on and so will we even as we suffer. I go to another specialist for work comp tomorrow in Golden Colorado. Please place me in your prayer list for favor this time. The last doc they sent me to wanted them to release me but my other nine Montana doctors reports were to much for one negitive opinion. If this one is like the last then I will be hung and so will my girls.

      Say this, I wish it was only in my head then I could go back to a narrow minded way of thinking like most of the people I know. Okay, maybe not. BUT still, I think of saying that sometimes too. BUT I hold my tongue. I do say I wish it were in my head because then I could make it go away. I say, who could possible want to leave there active mostly happy life to be stagnant and alone. I only wish I was working in my profession and progressing toward my goal of my PhD degree. BUT we dont always have a choice with our bodies or how our bodies interpret pain but we do have a choice over who we allow to hurt us in the progress. Choose wisely "so your mountain doesn't get higher to climb over" (LLK). Till next time, Bella29

      #20; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:50:00 GMT
    • Bella, good luck. Those Worker's Comp doctors can be nightmares :( They sent me to two, and they both told me nothing was wrong with me.. my trial should start this month, I hope!

      I don't understand how people (Even some people in my family give subtle hints sometimes that nothing is wrong with me) think that we could go through all of this just because we 'want to stay home all day and get paid'. I don't want to be in my bed all day, unable to go do anything socially. And I DEFINITELY don't get paid, not in an entire year.

      I hope I get all of the money WC owes me in my trial, which is right now up to atleast $15,000 in checks, $700 in medications and $200 in travel fee's! Yes, live is really great to lose all of that money and be in extreme pain! I'm surprised they don't try to give us Lie Detector tests... Then again, it would prove we weren't lying ;) That's just what WC DOESN'T want.

      #21; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:51:00 GMT
    • Bella.

      Good luck to you.

      The last W/C doc that I went to said that my MRI and CT scans looked good. He didn't stop to look that those wee from 05!!

      He also wanted me to stand on one leg...The one that is messed up. I refused. He asked me the same questions over but in different ways. He was trying to mess me up. I made him right down all the meds that I was on.

      The Doc(if you could call him that) had his luggage in the room with him. And he sat at an empty desk with just a note pad.

      I too don't want to sit around and do nothing and collect a pay, I could be making much more working and not appling for food stamps this week! Next week I file for bankruptcy. People that have abused the system have made it hard for those of us that depend on the system to survive. It's a shame. My friend Debbie said to me yesterday..When I told her that I might not be able to work again. (i say might because I am still holding out hope) How lucky I was...(she doesn't work,by choice) I told her...The difference is ..I might not have a choice and if I did...I'd work. I also told her...staying home for her is alot different for her than me..she can go go go and do the things that she enjoys...I on the other hand..just try and get though the day.

      Bella,good luck, I hope things work out for you. I'll be waiting to hear how you made out.

      Take care.



      #22; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:52:00 GMT
    • I am a WC lawyer in Connecticut. Typically up here, a WC depo is very similar to a depo on a car accident case. They run about 23 hours or so and you get asked every question under the sun about things relevant and not.

      Best advice--keep your cool; answer only the question asked (dont volunteer anything); and dont be put on the defense if the atty implies he or she thinis rsd is a sham.

      If you have a diagnosis of rsd from a reputable MD, you are well on your way. I think the world is coming to believe this is a real syndrome.

      Jim Aspell

      West Hartford, CT

      #23; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:53:00 GMT
    • I am a WC lawyer in Connecticut. Typically up here, a WC depo is very similar to a depo on a car accident case. They run about 23 hours or so and you get asked every question under the sun about things relevant and not.

      Best advice--keep your cool; answer only the question asked (dont volunteer anything); and dont be put on the defense if the atty implies he or she thinis rsd is a sham.

      If you have a diagnosis of rsd from a reputable MD, you are well on your way. I think the world is coming to believe this is a real syndrome.

      Jim Aspell

      West Hartford, CT

      Wow that makes me feel a lot better :) My doctor's had their depo early this month, so I'm assuming my trial date should come up soon.

      I only have two main doctors of my own for my RSD, my Orthopedic Surgeon and my doctor's at Physical Therapy (They are MD's but I'm not sure what kind of doctor they really are... Physical Therapist's I thought are the people who help you with your exercises and are not MD's?). They both diagnosed me with RSD and had never discussed this with each other, of course, so they each came to their conclusions on their own.

      I just have THEIR two doctors who say I'm faking it :rolleyes: So it's my two against their two... this should be an interesting trial.

      #24; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:54:00 GMT
    • Hi Jaspell and welcome to the boards!:wave:

      How did you find us?:confused: I want to thank you for your input on the depo's, whether wc or PIP. Is RSD in your opion becoming to be a real disorder to the wc people or others?? I've had RSD since 1999 from a work accident, and closed my case in 2004. It was like this 1000 pound weight was lifted from me. I still have pain, but the stress they put you thru is inhumane.

      Your advice was great!:) I just wonder if the legal world is coming to terms that we suffer 24/7. Your post gives me hope that they are finally beginning to believe us. Is the legal part realizing that this is a long term disability and that we will never be the same again, work like we used to, live the life that we used to???? They aretrying to pass a law in Hawaii here about the IME's and how the injured worker has the right to agree on the doctor with the insurance comapany about who rates them. I feel this a BIG step and I hope that other states follow. Do you have RSD clients? You could be a BIG ASSET to this board. :angel: Please stay in touch, you could help so many thru this nightmare. Aloha Skooze:)

      #25; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:55:00 GMT
    • Skooze, do you mind if I ask you how your case turned out? I am curious to see how other people with RSD had their WC cases go.
      #26; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:56:00 GMT
    • Gail,

      I was just reading your response. Wow, it sound so familiar. My friends say that to me all the time.. (Your so lucky you get to stay home). Your right.. Its not fun at all.. What fun is it looking at the same four walls everyday 7 days a week.. I was a stay at home mom for 15 yrs. Got a divorce, went back to school for MA. and one yr later boom RSD... I rather be out in the working world. I rather be making more money.. Pay my bills.. live life.. This is what god gave me.. I have to deal with it..

      As for WC.. I have a friend who I met in the hospital with RSD and actually a neighbor with RSD.. Both of them had won their case against WC.. and not only that, they both now also collect disability.. It took them both about two yrs to win their case.. So, I wish you luck.. It is possible.. Iam dealing with an Auto insurance.. They actually stopped paying my bills for 1 1/2 yr.. they were trying to say it wasn't from the accident.. Thank go I won that PIP suit. cause right I have no health insurance..

      Take care,


      #27; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:57:00 GMT
    • Hi Michelle,

      I too was a stay at home Mom then got a divorce and went back to school. Got hurt at work lifting a patient that rehab left on the toilet! Anyway I have had 3 surgery's on my knee and right now I am waiting to get a 4th. I need a total knee replacement now. I can't have it now because of the RSD I was just diagnosed with. I WAS hoping to get it done...settle my claim and MOVE ON. I have been out of work now since last August. Your right looking at the walls in my house is NOT good. I had a major meltdown the other day. I keep telling myself to hang in there,the Atty. tells me to hang in trhere,my boyfreind tells me to hang in there...I sometimes feel like I am "hanging in there"...by my throat!!!

      I am so fed up with W/C right now. I can't belive they think people can survive on what they pay. Maybe some people can. But with all the bills that you have to pay. GEEZE!

      I too don't have health insurance. I HOPE that nothing else happens to me. I am in a rock and a hard place right now. In Mass. I HAVE to have coverage. But..I can't afford to have it. I could try and get Mass. Health BUT...I make too much. Give me a break. I COULD qualify for Commonwealth care BUT...I don't make enough for the payments. I DO qualify for Food Stamps.BUT...They want to give me 10 dollars a month. (not a typo)

      This weekend I sold my dog. And I sold my Living(how funny) Room furniture. Sometimes I feel like giving up. I had a good guy,he even made me a room to scream in for my rsd pain. 2 weeks ago. I couldn't take it anymore. I told him to leave. I know they are trying to break me down. And sometimes I feel like I am broken. All, I can hope for is in the end.I get the awesome settlement that my Atty keeps telling me I am going to get.

      #28; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:58:00 GMT
    • Hey Jaspel,

      Got a question for you. If you don't mind.

      Is there any way that a person can go after the workers comp people if they delay letting you go the doctors?

      I have a case worker that doesnt call you back,doesn't follow though. I have had to break appointments with Doctors because the case worker never responded. As I sit here,I have recieved no rehab. My muscle is getting weaker. I try and excerise but, I can't til I see the pain clinic in Boston Tommorow. I need a knee replacement but I can't have it because the doctor that I saw told me 2 weeks ago that I have RSD.

      All I want is to get my knee fixed and settle. And move on with my life if that is possible. My Atty keeps telling me to hang in there,that you will get an awesome settlement in the end. I am beginning to think that he's just trying to keep me focused.

      I can't drive and I have been out of work since last Aug. and so far I have had 3 surgeries on this knee.

      So what do you think?

      #29; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:59:00 GMT
    • I am in Montana and it is 10:45pm, I would be in bed but that is not possible with the severe throbbing, cramping, twinges, pain, electric, ect... Not easy to keep thoughts together and worse to be typing. I am not doing myself any favors right now so you may not see me for a few days.
      #30; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:14:00 GMT
    • Nikki,

      I guess I posted at the same time as you> :dizzy:

      If you closed your wc case and left the medical open, that's why you got only 35k. I don't think you can go back and change it. Are they still going to have that nurse follow you around?? My attorney never let one. She did they day after my appointments. And that's wehn I noticed my old dr's tune changing on me when I was shredding the docs. :eek:

      I guess you need to ask your attorney, if you still get to keep the same doctors, and the nurse goes bye bye. Negoiate. Good Luck Skooze:)

      #31; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:15:00 GMT
    • I hope one of you could help me with the extra stress I feel right now by telling me what you think of the doc not asking questions about the other problem areas I have. The last IME I saw in Denver in Jan did not ask either and did not allow me to say and he said I was 5% based on the idea that I could not allow him to complete his exam because it was to painful. He exagerated my non compliancey and he is the one who refused to complete the exam because it was hurting me but I think he was not comfortable more than I wasnt. I just wanted him to do what he had to and be done so I could go and do my suffering in private. Not a good day!! What do you think. Should I be extra concerned? Thanks, Bella
      #32; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:16:00 GMT
    • Bella,

      I never went through that and I do not know what the 10% or the different % even stand for. The last time I dealt with wc was in 2002 and I am going to take Skooze's advice and try and close it. Nothing could make me forget what they put you through and no amount of money is worth dealing with them. I am going to ask the doctor to just be done with it because I do not have the strength to get all stressed about dealing with that again...I hope you have a good night and hope someone can answer your questions for you. I wish you luck...It is 1:30 am here and it is time to rest the head...try to anyway...try not to worry wait until you have the answers and let me leave with telling you this it is a quote I read on this board somewhere...Worry because you have to not because you opt to...I hope you can clear your mind and have a good night...I will pray for us all...Nikki

      #33; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:17:00 GMT
    • Nikki,

      I live here in Mass aloso. I was told yesterday (friday) from the pain clinic in Boston that I do not have RSD (90%) he said that I don't have it. The cape is 3 hours away. almost like Boston. I want to tell you Mass. Is the worst state for taking care of it's own. I have nothing but problems with W/C When I first went out the W/c woman that I was SUPPOSED to have never opened my claim. I had to report her to the supervisor. (she'still there) She stops my checks at will. She doesnt return my calls. nor my attys calls. She's awful!

      As for me They also tell me that I am young. For pete's sake I am 50. I want my new knee so I can go on!

      I as of right now(looking out the window) a PI sitting at the top of my driveway. This is the second time. The first time my atty. handled it to call the dogs off. Here we go again. I can't drive. I have aLL MY CURTAINS CLOSED. Geeze.

      Spouting here for a second....If it weren't for all the people that tryed to take advantage of the system we'd all be better off. I had a brother in law do that I was disgusted with him and I reported him...nothing happened. Anyway sorry.

      My atty told me that I will get a awesome settlement...in the end. Like I said I want to move on. get out the hole. He also said that they will be responsible for all my medical that has to do with my injury. FOR LIFE.

      Skooze.. good point. I am going to ask the atty. to try and have this woman fired. We are suppposed to be suing the w/c people too for delay in treatment. etc. I hope it works. This company that I have is supposed to be one of the worst ones in the country. They have been sued before over and over. And have lost more times than I can count

      My atty. also told me that I cannot collect for scarring ..even though My knee looks like train tracks. I don't wear shorts anymore. But if it was on my face that would be another story.

      As for my boyfriend...No I don't want him back right now. I know I shouldn't have done that. but I don't belive it's fair for me to ask him to stay around. He deserves someone that is full of life and can enjoy it. I can't right now. I don't know anything of to much anymore...I'm all messed up.


      #34; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:18:00 GMT
    • Gail,

      Do you know how many times I was told I did have rsd, then I did not, then I did, then I did not. I was told "that's what all junkies say". "The pain is not going to stop until the lawsuit is over.". One doc. one of my favorites conspired with my little personal nurse before I go there and cleared me for work. She told me I was fine and that all I had to do was more my hand and I would be fine.

      Recently I was told by the head pt therapist at a rehab hospital that she could "cure" me and stop this from ever coming back. When she could not "cure" me she got frustrated blamed it on my lack of will to get better and dropped me as her patient. This was before the scs and the 11 years of pain and torture. I know it is hard but that is pure ignorance and mostly all rsd patients were but through some kind of this abuse. Because the symptoms wax and wane the diagnosis changes my advice is to document with photos and document everything. Pictures do say a thousand words...good luck and I am with you on the Mass. thing. If my entire family was not here and I was not born here I would have been gone.

      Keep the faith and you made me sad about the closed shades. I lived like that for the longest time. If they did that to me today I think I would be a lot different though. If I do see anyone I am just going to call the police because they are supposed to let the police know they are in town. Good luck...I feel your pain in more ways than one...Nikki

      #35; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:19:00 GMT
    • Hi Nikki,

      I did call the police late afternoon when the jerk got out of his car. They did tell him to move on. I called my atty and he said that they every right to do that. If I didn't hurt so much I'd give him a show !

      After this is over I am going to leave Mass. This state is awful. I was just reading in the paper how a woman(mother) can not get disability because she didn't work "her quota" 20/40. She worked before she had kids but stayed home to raise 3 of them...they are still young. She's in her late 20's and the courts denied her coverage for her illnes. ACLS. Her husband is now going to file bankruptcy. I have kids here in Mass. but I don't see them. My Son is way to busy. and my daughter who has a 3 year old won't speak to me. (she thinks I'm faking and want attention) I haven't see my Grandson for 4 months. The last time I saw him I went to her apartment and had to walk up 4 flights of stairs. I didn't take any meds because I drove myself there. It was awful. I couldn't stay long because of the pain. She told me I just didn't want to stay. I give up on the BS. I have enough to deal with. I know what I am going though. I don't tell people how I am feeeling anymore. I know they don't want to hear it. I miss my boyfreind something awful,but I know it's best this way. At least now I can scream,cry or complain and not have to worry if I'm being a baby. I wrote once before how I felt I was in a tunnel with no light at the end..well now I feel like I am living in that tunnel. Curtains drawn. Don't go anywhere cept to the Doctor's. Which I might add that I am going to find another Doctor. My first Doctor who did the surgery says I don't have it. The second says yes the pain clinic says no. What do I do? get 4 more opinions then talley the results at the end and see which side has the most of yeses or no's ?

      This is insane. Like I wrote before...IF people woundn't have abused the system,maybe we'd all be better off. Seems to me the people that do abuse the system ARE better off. They know the in's and out's of it. Just a quick note for everyone.. When my exhusband broke my back and shattered L4 L5 I applied to disability...I was in a wheelchair after spending 2 months in a hospital (i was in a wheelchair for 7 months.) I had a freind take me to speak with Disability. I only wanted temporary Disability. Cause I wanted to go back to work(which I did a year later)There was guy in the waiting room and we struck up a conversation and he said that he was also here for disability but he was picking up his first check...I asked him what his problem was..He said...(are you ready for

      this)He was ADDICTED TO CIGARETTES. I'll NEVER FORGET that. When it came my turn. I was DENIED.


      #36; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:20:00 GMT
    • Hi Gail & Nikki! :wave:

      I hope this prints jut because I spilt my water on the key board! *&^%$)#

      You 2 are going thru what I went thru. This is why I decideded to close my case. You need to take control of your life before you can take control of anything else. The stress these wc people put you thru is on purpose. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!!!:mad: They are there to make you look bad, that is there job. The spying their ging to a doctor after you visit them and re-write their report is all part of this wicked game of chess!!! They are paid big $$$ to do this. I swear that they have no concious.

      The best thing that you can do is to REGROUP! Fight fire with fire. :cool: I remember going to doc after doc and some said I had it, and others said I was faking it!! They called me catchetic, which means wasting away from a serious disease whether mental or physical.:mad: I at the time was 97 pds. dripping wet because my body was racked in so much pain I had no desire to eat. The only thing that kept me going were my girls who were 9 & 14 at the time. These Aholes do this for a reason to break you. You are already broken, and their job is to push you beyond the breaking point!:blob_fire You lose evrything that matters to you--your familiy your friends, your sanity. That's why I say if you can get out of dodge do so--but make sure you are compensated for the h#$#.neurological.todaysummary.com. that you are put thru.:rolleyes: I suggest to all of you to document everything, from the people watching you to the treatment you receive from a dr. This is your AMMO!! Our memories aren't what they used to be and the meds don't help, but God knows we need them. Keep a seperate journal of day to day events,even of those idiots trying to film you. I remember living with my curtains closed. :rolleyes: I really feel for you guys. I wish I coulod hug you and take you under my wing. This isn't right.:mad:

      Right now you need to think of #1 and that is you. Do what ever you need to to protect yourself, but please do not decline outside help if they can be trusted. You will learn so much from this, that down the road you will be astronger person. I'm just trying to get you over the hump. Whatever you do, if it means shying away from your familiy then do so. Take your meds, because you need them. Just don't take them in front of them. :nono: They have never walked a mile in our shoes. Don't expect them to either. Protect yourself first, then deal with them if you are up to it. I know the world is unfair. I just got ripped off $3700 from my safe from one of my daughter's friends. I can't prove anything therfore, I had to ban anyone coming into my home. I have insurance but I am at a loss. I worked hard for that money and someone fst teeny bopper is enjoying it.:mad: Enough of me. Both of U take care. I'll be in touch. Just get out of Dodge if you can. You will feel so much lighter. God Bless You. Aloha Skooze

      #37; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:21:00 GMT
    • mornin Skooze,

      Yeah I feel like I've been in a battle and I don't even know how I got there !

      I really just amazes me how these people work. I know it's there job but, Geeze...When I worked(in health care) I worked liked no tommorrow. I made sure that when I trained anyone I told them that the one thing they need to remember is when you walk out that door at the end of your shift...if you can go home with out feeling guilty of anything that you did...then you did a good job.

      I guess some things have changed.

      I am not patting myself on the back,but I gave and gave and I feel like I have nothing more to give. And thinking that what comes around will come around is pure BS.

      I took myself off my meds yesterday because I can't think clearly,not that I can now!

      Eating for me is passe. I can't remember when or ahat I had for my last meal. It's the stress. I feel like a yoyo.

      What I don't understand...Is how they live with themselves.

      They should come and see how I am living,belive me no choice of my own. I don't have much more to sell. I used to be lead singer in band and play the keys.. My keyboards and amps are going next. I've got the collection agencies calling me at all hours,I got the jerk sitting out in yard. This is insane.

      What amazes me is that I want to go back to work..I don't like being out of work. I don't like living paycheck to paycheck. Don't they realize that SOME people are NOT out to take advantage of the system?

      Skooze...Thanks for being out there to vent and I do realize that you also are in pain and I feel for you.

      I do not want to get rid of my computer...It's the only thing right now that is keeping me sane.

      There should be better laws regarding W/C. My company that I deal with has been up for fraud many times and how they stay in buisness is beyond me. I don't know Sooze,but I do KNOW one thing. When this is over... I hope that I get enough to just go away some where,where no one will find me. Peace,serenity,that sounds real good right now.

      You take care Skooze and thanks


      #38; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:22:00 GMT
    • Hi Gail:wave:

      Whatever you do don not sell your computer:eek: Then you really will feel out in the dark. Your life line is here. Why don't you change your telephone #?? Tell the phone company your getting too many prank calls and they will probably do it for free. Those bill collectors must literally work 24/7! Why don't you give them the name and number of your case worker and let them answer to why you can't pay. I bet they'd get really tired of that.LOL. I know how you feel about the eating part. The stress is just too much to have an appetite. Why did you quit taking your meds? Please don't just quit cold turkey. You could go thru some really bad withdrawl sympoms. :eek:

      About that jerk in the front yard why don't you bake him some cookies with exlax in them and hobble out there so he can get you on film. I bet you won't see him around for a few days depending on how much exlax you put in them, and don't forget to take a picture of him running! :p I'm getting silly here but I mean well. Have you tried applying for assistance thru the utility companies? Here they give you a discount if your disabled. I'm just trying to think of ways to help you out here. It's like the show Survival but for real. I hope you have abetter tommorrow. My prayers are with you. Aloha Skooze:)

      #39; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:23:00 GMT
    • Hi Skooze,

      I stopped taking my meds because I am just to grogy to keep taking them. I think they were making me paranoid too. I kept thinking that guy was going to come in the house,that he was looking in my windows. I did call the ulities and they told me that I am not "disabled" because i do not collect SSI give me a break. Geeze. The baking of the cookies was a great idea ! Cept I am not supposed to be walking more than to the bathroom. That would be funny...Nope sorry,I NEED tha bathroom...Maybe talk to the local cumbies here and tell them to lock the bathroom up for the day! Hmmm...Does a bear s... in the woods? Nope but the PI does!!!! LOLOL

      Your too funny Skooze.

      The only side effect I have so far is the hands are a bit shakey and the legs a bit wobbly.ButI just don't want to take the demorol anymore. Gives me a headache and I was up to just under 800 (yes 800) a day. My liver and kidney's are going to shut down.

      I'm calling the doctor this morning ..I want the surgery. I want it done.

      Skooze thank you for making me smile this morning. Been a long time.:)

      You take care...gotta go bake ! LOL


      #40; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:24:00 GMT
    • Skooze,

      No you are not confused- it is just messed up. I still do not understand what is going on. I was 27 when they per. retired me. I had two attorney's one was for wc, and she made me get another attny. for the disibility retirement.

      The disibility retirement was seperate from the workmen's comp and since it was work related I was eligible for both. She had to close out wc so the disibilty retirement checks would kick in. The county has me on full disibility retirement and I get a monthly check.

      She had to close out the wc because I could not receive both checks. So right now I get the retirement check and I thought that workmen's comp was done with because I got a settlement for a lump sum when the disibility retirement claim was settled. Yes, they said I was never going to work again. I had gone back to work about 3-4 times and had to go out again on wc because it would flare up and the department said they could no longer afford to keep filling my position while I was out. They threaten to fire me until my wc attorney had me get a disibility attny. The county voted after all the medical exams that I was permanently disabled and retired me in 2002.

      Mass. is a messed up state. I still do not understand how it works but I hope I cleared up any questions...Hawaii is looking good...Nikki

      #41; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:08:00 GMT
    • Hello i have been suffering from rsd for 3 years.i have gone to deposition they ask you all kind of question most the questions asked twice or 4 times in a differentway. before you answer the question pause first make sure your atterney have to object to the question and answer with the truth do not lie

      about any thing...they aready have done their home work they know every thing about you say the truth.

      my wc is been very good with me...i have seen a army of doctor also the wc qme all doctors was on my side...the qme give me 100 disability and my p&s report same. i can not go back to work at all. the wc also incesed my pay by 15%. i have tried all medical opition. i,m living on meds...noting else worked. my life went down hill from rsd. no $$$$$ can relife you from pain.and i also have pip from a defective products. i went to other depo. all the same crab.i,m in the settelment negot...

      good luck i hope i helped some way.

      #42; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:09:00 GMT
    • OK Nikki!!

      Thanks for clearing that up.:dizzy: Crazy state you live in. But is your wc case still open?? Is that why your asking if you should close yor case?? Your wc attorney--are they the ones making sure your medical bills are paid?? I'm curious as to why they don't want to close the case. Don't they want to get paid?? :confused: They say you are too young?? What benefit would it be to you to keep the case open?? Thanks I'[ll figure this out yet. And try to help. Aloha Skooze PS Maui is beautiful except for the tourists and the growth. What beach?? Haven't seen one in 5 years except driving by. :jester:

      #43; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:10:00 GMT
    • Bella and Skooze,

      Now I am getting scared with all this IME talk. I am going to have nightmares about this. I wonder if wc is going to attempt to settle with me. I was told by several other RSD patients that RSD is lifelong and to never close the case but if you have other insurances paying for your medical bills does that mean you are done with wc completly they can no longer haunt you? If that were the case I would pay them. My lawyer said I am going to have to start getting harrassed by them and I am going to have to go to all of their docs., but like I said before I am already retired the only thing they can hang over my head are the medical bills. Regardless of who has to pay noone is going to make me stop seeing my own pm doc. I had to go through that panel in 2002 where the three doctors vote whether or not they feel you are disabled or not. Now my question is do you think they will make me do it all over again? Oh I hope not. I have years and years of dated pictures of my hand and have started again with the foot so that there is hard proof of what I have been through. If my foot is like it now when I go to the doc. then there is nothing they can argue. The pm doc. said I am such a "classic"case of rsd I have the swelling the noted 5 degree temp. difference it is blue. All of it I have it and I think I am much more educated this time around. Last time they had a nurse going to all of my appointments and following me around. I know now that it is my right to deny that and now I have no problem fighting them. They cannot take away anything from me that I haven't already lost. Sorry about the scatterbrain I am in a lot of pain and this is the time of night I cannot concentrate. What time is it where you are?...Nikki

      #44; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:11:00 GMT
    • Skooze,

      Yes she saw me out to dinner w/ my family one year ago this past valentine's day and saw my hand and said you are still going through this? We were like yeah you have no idea, she had me call the office the next day and said they never closed the medical part of the case that remained opened- ( I would have loved to know that...) So I spent the last year going back 7 yrs. tracking down all my appointments through my checkbook. We ( her office and I) gathered all of my med. records and submitted them on April 23rd and it is now in the concilliation stage. I do not think I can get another settlement since I got $35,000 in 2002 and the med. stays open which I guess means they paid me and continue to pay my medical. i have no idea it makes no sense to me and I have been living it for the last 7 years. I am going to ask if they ever plan to close it. I remember all the doctors writing that it was a lifelong problem and maybe that is why they never closed it. I am going to ask the attny. about all this though because now I am more confused than ever. Maybe the laws were different back then. When did you settle? Nikki

      #45; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:12:00 GMT
    • Hi Nikki!:wave:

      Now I got your drift. I know what you mean about the nurse case mgr. following you around, and where you are coming from. CLOSE IT! Is your health insurance thru your hubby or you?? My medical bills are not that much. Thru medicare they are $14 for a doctor visit. My last MRI was $155. My meds are free because I am low income. They used to be $400 a month bfore Medicare kicked in the prescription drug bill. This is why my attorney told me to take the medical wash. The last thing is you going to their doctors, subject to their IME's, saying 3 years down the road your fine (you know how they lie cheat and steal:mad: ). It's not worth them paying your medical bills to be under THEIR CONTROL. Do you want your life back. The stress that goes away after you close your case makes you wanna dance and sing. You are no longer under them. No cameras following you around. Now I get where you are coming from Nikki. Who knows in 5 years they could find a cure by stem cell or whatever, and then you're cured. And you wouldnt recieve a penny for the pain they put you thru. Close It. It's so much better to be free of them. Hope this helps. Aloha Skooze:D

      #46; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:13:00 GMT
    • Hi,

      I have been reading all these post . I can't believe how comp is hurting so many people ,I can't believe they can get away with this .

      I have been on W/C since 2003 and they really have been fair ,except the late check's ! I just had a IRE and there doctor told me I'll never be able to work at anything again , he told me I should consider the Morphine pump for pain or the spinalcord stim . The Dr. also said not to tell anyone that we talked , he know's how much I wanted to go back to work , I told him if this stim works who knows ? He was a straight up fair Dr. I have seen him last year and on his report he stuck up for me :) .

      I hope all you get releif from your pain .

      Shawley :wave:

      #47; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:00:00 GMT
    • My advice is to get a wc lawyer if you do not already have one- they put me through hell just like they do to most everyone else- hey it's nothing personal it is what they are paid for. I went through all of this and it got so bad that I hired the attorney and she took care of it. I wish I could give you her name because she is in Mass. but she is great. You pay her nothing at all out of pocket and actually when I got my settlement she tried to lower her additional amount and put $2000.00 more in my pocket. She was so good that I made her take it ( I am one of the cheapest people alive, but she is that good!!!) Once you have the attny. handle these people then they are less likely to give you crap. We had to reopen my case because I thought getting the settlement closed my case and I had to take care of the rest of my med. bills. After almost reaching practical bancrupcty (close anyway) she saw us out at a restaurant and noticed I was still dealing with my arm and I went back to her and am now in the process of getting reimbursed for all of my past expenses.

      You and I know part of the process for rsd patients in their recovery is dealing with it quickly. The longer you wait then the worse the disease gets. I am at the point that if wc does not want to do the right thing then I am going to my state rep. and am going to let him know what is going on. I think we are just all getting to the point where docs., w/c, and all the other bs that goes with it is going to push us over the edge.Maybe if enough of us get together and let people know what is going on then hopefully we can make it easier for others who have to deal with this dreadful disease...

      #48; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:01:00 GMT
    • Hi Shawley,

      It's a good thing you live where you live and not here in Mass. If you did live here I really belive you would not be writing how w/c was good to you.

      I just saw another Dr. at a pain clinic in Boston,now he wants me to go see ANOTHER doctor in Boston. I feel like this is never going to end! It takes me 3 hours to get there from where I live.

      Not only do I give 10 for parking,9 for tolls and 50 for the gas...This state makes it barely possible to survive. I am glad that you made out fine...Trust me...Don't move to Mass.!!!


      #49; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:02:00 GMT
    • Gail,

      I think I talked to you before on another thread because I remember that you had the appointment with Boston but I did not want to say too much before you went but it sounds like you had as much luck as I did. If you do not mind me asking why did they send you to another hospital? Are you close to the LaHey clinic and have you been there before? If you did not live so far away I would recommend the pain clinic at Cape Cod Hospital. It is one of the closest ones to me and the doctor I have is amazing. I have been to I think 7 pain clinics throughout the 11 years of having it. The doctors would keep telling me that they had done all that they could and to try this other doc. and I kept getting passed off. I love this doctor because he treats you like a person. He remembers from one appointment to the next what the plan of treatment was and sticks to it. Every decision that is made he gives you the choice and asks what you think. He really is the best doc. I have ever had, and I just wish everyone could be treated the way this doctor treats me...I hope I did not ask too many questions but if you have to travel you mine as well make it worth the trouble...good luck...Nikki

      #50; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:03:00 GMT
    • Hi everyone!:wave:

      Wow Gail I really feel for you right now. I hope your boyfriend came back, and that you let him in. :eek: You really need all the support you can have. I know the wc system purposely doesn'[t pay you on time, never answers the phone or returns calls. Mine made me so mad, that I kept writing the State Insurance Commissioner, and they investigated every claim promptly. One week later, I got my back pay and mileage eimbursements. I also got the sap fired after I closed my case. :p Did that feel good. These yayhooos they hire don't even have any medical knowledge. I think they hang out in bars all day or play golf.

      Syrbio in response to your question, I closed my case in 2004 after my 7th IME. It was their IME neuro who said I had RSD and ordered the nerve blocks that were requested 18 months later. :rolleyes: Of course we all know the answer to how that helped--NOT. Anyhow they rated me by parts. Every body part that is injured has a certain amount of disability points that it can be accessed. I got rated 67% disabled in my upper left extremity, 17% in my neck, 15% for my mind (physchological) and 10% for taking the medical wash. You add up those parts, and according to my attorney 100% is DEAD. I think they wanted rid of me as much as I did them. I was so sick back then I could hardly walk, I couldn't even drive. I got 150K after attorney fees. That's when the weight was lifted, By law you have to report this settlement to social securty, and I was scared that it would lower my paltry disability benefits. But my benefits like tripled. The reason being is they were off set by the money wc was paying me monthly. :D Now Medicare is my healthplan, and for all of you out there, do not deny taking Part B, because it might save you some buck now, there is a huge penalty for when you decide you need it. Part B is for your doctors and tests. My meds are all covered my Medicare because I am low income. I took my lawsuit money and invested in autos. According to ss and medquest (my kids healthcare) autos don't count as assets. Real Estate does. I bout me my STS machine for $3k that I use daily, and in 2 months not only was I sleeping again, but driving. Just make sure the amount you settle on is something you can live with. Anything under $100k is a slap in the face. I hope this helps. Good luck everyone. Aloha Skooze:)

      #51; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:04:00 GMT
    • Skooze,

      I never closed my wc case but I did not know that. Right now I receive disability retirement and got about $35,000 but the case remained open. The lawyer told me to settle so that I could receive my monthly disability retirement checks from the county. Now 5 years later and all of our savings gone, I find out they should have been paying all along. I am still to this day going under my health insurance to cover all medical bills because the concilliation was extended another 30 days so that the department could review the bills.

      Their attorney said that therapy fees were not his responsibility and they would take care of all the bills but I personally had to contact all of the docs for copays, and CVS for all perscriptions. This does not sound right but I have no idea how it goes. My lawyer said they were not going to close the case because it has been going on for so long and I am so young. I think they are going to also fight me about paying for the leg as well the argument being that the injury was in the arm and not the leg. I just remembered how stressed I was with all the harrassment and IME's but I do not see how they can argue this. I have seen so many docs. and have gotten so many procedures I do not see how they can contest anything. How does the settlement thing go and do you think it would be wise for me to settle? I am still going through my own personal insurance and plan on fighting for the money later. That way I can see who I want and get the treatment that I deserve, I have already gone through this once...any advice? thanks Nikki

      #52; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:05:00 GMT
    • Hi Nikki!

      How come you got disability retirement if you are so young?? Does the state pay you any money that you had accumulated in your retirement fund?? They must have known that you were never coming back. As far as you contacting your doctors for your copays, it's amatter of the privacy act. I had to do it once. It's really not that hard. One call to the doctors accounting office and they send to where you want to. Don't forget the hospitals and the clinic. I'd have them send it to your attorney. Are you receiving ssdi? Do you know that you are entiteled for mileage reimbursement too? Next time you go to your doc just set the odometer. and times it by 2. All those dr. visits add up. Wait, you should have the dr's send you the visits. It would make your mileage reimbursement job easier. Mine was quite substantial. Trying to remember everytime you seen a dr. would drive you crazy:dizzy:

      I guess I'm confused here. First you said your attny said you should settle so you would get your monthly retirement checks. And they never paid you these? How did 5 years pass by and no one noticed.? Then in the next paragraph, you said your attorney doesn't want to close the case/?? Maybe my RSD brain is getting foggy.

      I think you are right about them not having to pay for your leg when your RSD origingated in your arm. Unless you have years of documentation and your doctors wrote that your RSD has spread to your leg. Mine spread after my case closed. :rolleyes: When you see your dc. now does he document the spreading?? You'd be surprised whar these dc.'s write. I started shreddding my 3rd set of medical records from my 2nd dr. I had switced PMs during the case and wc set over a 12ft stack of duplicate records for my dr to read. Like she was going to?

      I guess I'm confused to why you are still going thru your personal insurance and why you continue to pay them. WC should pay them. Aren't they reviewing your case now?? I think anyone should settle. To get those yayhoos out of your life is such a weight off of your shoulders. Why doesn't your attorney? Your attorney would have to be the one to arrange the rating impairment. But look how they rated me. 99% permanet disability!! I hope I'm not confusing you, maybe I'm not thinking clearly. My hands are giving out from typing too. If you have any other questions I'd be happy to answer them for you. Take care Aloha Skooze:) :)

      #53; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:06:00 GMT
    • Hey, I was in Dever last week for a DIME and the doc only asked questions about my arm which was the initial injured site. It has since spread into my shoulder, neck, head and I have overuse syndrome in my right arm/hand. I am concerned since I just read the percents you were given per body part affected. I was not even asked about the other areas even though it is in all the medical documentation the DIME doc had in front of him. Is this going to be a bad thing when he writes his final evaluation to w/c about my percent of disability? What should I do. I will call my lawyer monday and ask her too but I am thinking this is not going to be in my favor. This is supposed to be my final IME before w/c tries to settle the case. Bella29
      #54; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:07:00 GMT