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Touch your nose test... how important?

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I've seen 2 different neurologists in the past 9 years because of on again off again symptoms of numbness, tingling, warm sensations, stabbing pains in arms and legs, extreme fatigue, extreme leg and back stiffness ( doesn't make walking difficult, but makes me bend like a much older person ) and numerous other symptoms that could potentially be MS related. I've had that test where they give you shocks to test the nerves (passed with flying colors) I have no problem touching my nose with my eyes closed, I can walk heel to toe no problem, can stand for any lenth of time with eyes closed without losing my balance. Both neurologists have given me the option of having an MRI, and because I'm extremely claustrophobic I've opted out both times (although currently I do have one scheduled for August).

So my question is, with passing all these other little tests, what are the chances that this is MS? I feel that if it was MS I would have worsened by now, but my symptoms have never got worse. They just come and go. Although the tingling in my hands is pretty constant. Lately I've been noticing that if I move my hand my fingers on that hand will tingle quite strongly. And another symptom I've been having in the past few months is moments of not being able to focus my eyes, followed by extreme dizziness.

I know this could be any number of things (although my GP has in the past ordered thyroid tests, etc, to rule out other things, and everything's been fine..) Do you think there is still a possibility of MS?

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    • I passed all my neuro exams as well. All bloodwork was normal as were my evoked potential tests. I did have several MRI's, all normal except my brain one which showed several lesions and my LP showed elevated o-bands in my spinal fluid. Only these two things, along with my symptoms of course, showed there was anything wrong.

      So, to answer your question, a normal neuro exam doesn't mean you're ok. The MRI is really nothing, a little loud and frustrating if you get an itch because you can't move ;) My advice is keep your eyes closed the whole time. If you're just having your head done, they won't put you all the way in anyway and you can see out which helps if you do open your eyes. Just remember you're not completely enclosed. It's open at one end.

      Good luck.

      #1; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 17:04:00 GMT
    • Thanks for your reply. I didn't know I wouldn't be completely enclosed so that makes me feel a bit better. In any case, with some recent symptoms I've been having (hand and arm went completely dead for just a few minutes yesterday--scared the life out of me!) I realize that the MRI is not optional. I actually phoned yesterday to be put on a short-notice list if someone cancels, so hopefully I'll get in sooner than August.

      Thanks again!

      #2; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 17:05:00 GMT