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Small explosion in my head, feels like a hot explosion

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Hi all,

For years Since secondary school, i've had a problem, it doesnt happen on a daily basis or every other week, i think it's just a thing that happens randomly.. or when i move very unexpectidly (my head like if i try to click my neck)


I don't think this has happened for a whilke now at least maybe about 4-6 months maybe a year i cannot remember the last time it happened... it only lasts a few seconds and feels like a small round explosion in my head at the back on the left in the corner (if you follow from the back of your ear up like where ou head rounds off) it also feels like heat... i'm slightly concerned now about it... and was wondering if any of you know what it is or if any of you suffer the same problem

I don't blackout or faint after it.. and i feel generally fine after... but i'm concerned about what it is... as I said it only lasta maybe less than 5 or 10 seconds...


thanks in advance :confused:

EDIT: It happened last night while I was in bed (playing my psp hehe) I don't have any problems playing videogames or computer etc... usually on them for HOURS on end) but it occured last night when i was playing my psp and i moved my neck suddenly, and this morning... moving suddenly i think i dont know anyone plllllllls help

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    • You pinched a nerve. It happens to everyone. It hurts and sometimes you can see stars after it. Sometimes if it is close to your ear it sounds like an explosive sound but it is just the ligaments popping like a rubber band if you hold it out and it comes together suddenly. If you get pain and swelling afterwards, see a doctor.
      #1; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 21:47:00 GMT
    • You pinched a nerve. It happens to everyone. It hurts and sometimes you can see stars after it. Sometimes if it is close to your ear it sounds like an explosive sound but it is just the ligaments popping like a rubber band if you hold it out and it comes together suddenly. If you get pain and swelling afterwards, see a doctor.

      Hi, thank you for your reply... well, I understand pinching a nerve from what you have explained... but i think you have misunderstood the location of this problem... if you have a picture of someone head... imagine it as a square around it... it's at the top left corner of the box (on my head) that i am have this pain and not directly behind the ear...

      so if you like at the left corner of my head...

      anyone else convinced this is a simple nerve problem? and are there any risks/complications with a problem like this

      #2; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 21:48:00 GMT
    • it could be a nerve problem, or a twisted nerve...
      #3; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 21:49:00 GMT
    • I know exactly what you're describing. I've had the same thing happen to me once or twice a year when i jerk my head back or forth awkardly. It's like a huge pop and then it feels hot for a few seconds. I'm going to see a neurologist soon because I had one of these "pops" 8 weeks ago and since then I've been having trouble with vision, chronic dizziness, tingling left ear and hands.

      I hope to God it goes away - it's torture.

      #4; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 21:50:00 GMT
    • I've been suffering for a similar problem.

      Two weeks ago, 75 intense pushups, as I stood up, my right eye drooped down for about 3 seconds (like I had no control of it) and then came right.

      Since then I've had a headache. After two days my neck became stiff and has bugged me since. Have an MRI scheduled next week however I'm hoping this is just a pinched nerve.

      I noticed that when I sleep flat I get A LOT of pressure in my head and can hear my heart beating so generally I've kept my head upright/elevated. Last night I was exhausted, fell asleep flat and woke up 3 hrs later to popping at the back of head (pretty much just to the side of where you have that little bump on the back of your head). Kinda sounded like a plate of rice bubbles going off. Heard about 7 pops.

      Everything's fine but have been exhausted and dizzy since this all started. Can a pinched nerve in your neck restrict blood flow? I know I had a lot of pressure there when I was doing the pushups.

      Any ideas guys?

      #5; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 21:51:00 GMT
    • I have these too, it been over about 2 years now when they started, No Hands, i get it in exactly the same position as you, but with like a rush feeling that goes with it, just below the ridge of your skull to the right , like an explosion feeling

      Kept worrying that its a brain tumour or a toxic cyst ,as i have unremitting anxiety and depression that seems to be getting worse

      #6; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 21:53:00 GMT
    • Blue Silver - why don't you go and get it checked? An MRI perhaps?

      I saw a specialist today who had been doing Nuerology for 30 years and he had no idea what could make a popping sound. Apparently you're not meant to hear anything if you are suffering from a bleed. He mentioned something about the sinus' as well. Not the Nasal sinus but something that goes around the back of your head and that this could be causing my problems. Otherwise I may have a possible bleed.

      Anyway, an MRI has been scheduled for me for Wednesday (2.5 weeks after this began!). It'll be good to get piece of mind so I can start putting my head down at night without worrying too much about this pressure and popping.

      Oh, and is it me or a Doctors guessing a lot more than they should be? Since this began I've been diagnosed with Anxiety, Dehydration, an Ear infection, a possible heart condition, a torn neck tendon... the list goes on! I've seen six doctors and they tend to be a little more reactive to problems rather than proactive...

      Will update this when I get an answer to my problem.

      #7; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 21:53:00 GMT
    • thats a problem noweadays - reactive nore than proactive - lol, guess they have to be careful with what they say, which doesnt help the majority unfortunately :(

      but good luck , at least your getting it sorted out :) glad you will not be worrying about it now

      i do want a scan anyway, but will probably have to force it out of my doc, lol

      let me know how you get on :)


      #8; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 21:55:00 GMT
    • Ok... said I'd update this with the results so here I am.

      Apparently, no problem found in my MRI. Was advised that I had a post exertional migraine which caused this 2.5 weeks episode of hell.

      Popping sounds haven't appeared again either... I have no idea what they were but it scared the ... outta me. Going to take it easy next time I decide to jump out of bed and do pushups.

      Anyway, good luck.

      #9; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 21:56:00 GMT