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Rt. Hand Shakes upon Waking from Sleep?

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Hello, all you generous folks! I was hoping you may be able to give me some hellp/insight...

I'm female age 41...Since spring 2003, I have woke up every morning (also from naps) with my rt. hand shaking - short quick uncontrollable vibrations - which are visible, upon waking. I have had my right thigh muscle do the same vascillations sometimes upon waking too. It lasts 30 seconds & then disappears. (I've been having "nervousness" in that right hand during day sometimes).

Any thoughts?

(Dr's did mri, ekg, blood tests & found nothing)...this still continues.

Thanks for any response/direction & help.

Bubbly in Georgia

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    • A resting tremor on one side is typical for parkinsons, however, it is not specific for the disease.

      Other symptoms to look for are poor concentration, poor balance slow movement (bradykinesia), poor hand dexterity, shuffling walking (festation), poor balance.

      If you just have the tremor, diagnosis may be difficult.

      Make an appointment with an MDS (movement disorder specialist).


      #2; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 11:13:00 GMT
    • Are you on any meds.sometimes they can cause this.If not follow Bruce's advice and see a MDS.

      Good Luck,


      #3; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 11:14:00 GMT