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Heart Palpatations anyone

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Hi all,

Like a lot of you on here I'm trying to find answers to all the crazy symptoms I'm experiencing, but im not falling from this stress dx the doctors keep telling me.

Among the strange symptoms I am experiencing one of them is heart palpatations or skipped beats, I started having these about 8 years ago without any other symptom went to the doctor had an ECG, blood test etc all came back normal so the doctor said just ignore them, they wont do you any harm, so I did. Then in July last year I had this attack which lasted a few eeks and although Im much better than I was I'm not at all right.

Pins and needles in face and legs, aching arms somedays then others not, feeling tired for no reason, horrible headaches, problems sleeping, gasey stomach. I noticed these palpatations have seem to happen more often than before. So i was wondering if they could be linked??

Are palpatations a symptom of MS anyone?



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    • Hi Dave,

      I know your strange feelings all too well. I have heart palpatations and anxiety attacks. My family doctor noticed the heart palpatations 2 years ago and the anxiety attacks had started about 3 months before the doctor visit. I was recently dx'd with MS. I don't know if it's all related but the anxiety attacks became much worse even before my MS was dx'd. I've learned to use breathing techniques to calm the attach. I take a deep breath, hold it till it count of 5 then slowly let it out. Continue this until I feel relief. Works great for me. I can also relate to the stomach problems. I was put on Zelnorm for a month which got things on track then I began Nexium. This worked wonders for me. Will start Refib within the week (I hope) for MS. I have my fingers crossed that this will go smoothly and the side affects will be mild. Wish you the best and hope you get things figured out! :wave:

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    • PS Dave, I went through all the heart testing too, even had a heart cath. Everything checked out fine :bouncing:
      #2; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 14:54:00 GMT
    • I have heart "pounding", generally when I am just about to fall asleep and then something wakes me up. Comes in series, maybe about 3 times a year.

      I am a smoker, but EEG was normal.

      FYI - I had serious heart-skipping when I was pregnant with my last child (18 yrs ago) and it was attributed to severe anemia. I noticed that you are a male, but maybe you are anemic. :wave:

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    • Oh... by the way, my GP did mention that her other MS patients complain of heart pounding too.
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    • I don't have an MS diagnosis, but I do have palpatations. I've never heard of them being a part of the MS stuff (although I thought just about everything was...). However, quite a few of the meds I"ve tried are what have given me the palpatations. I only have them on certain meds.
      #5; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 14:58:00 GMT
    • Hi In answer to previous threads,Thank goodness at long last I have come across other "MSers" experiencing Heart palpitations too.These have been a daily occurance for me since August last year .ECG normal,bloods normal,hormone profiles normal,have been taking Propanalol with no effect,sometimes this sensation can be quite violent and i'm not sure I actually skip a heartbeat or if it just feels that way as I get no breathelessness or any anxiety along with it,seems sensory,I get numbness and tingling down my left side so as you can imagine it is easy to think 'heart' straight away!I have had MS for 15yrs and this is new to me.Am having a 24hr cadiac tape done on Monday so will let you know what happens. Scotsgirl PS I'm a newbie to this site and look forward to exploring more with you all :)
      #6; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 14:59:00 GMT
    • Hi everyone,

      Thanks so much for your replies, I have not been dx with MS yet!! but stress I know this is just not the case, sure enough I am getting stressed but thats because all of these crazy symptoms keep happening to me and I dont know why?

      My palpatations just started about 8 years ago they are not a pounding just a sort of missed beat and then my heart seems to beat more quickly to try to catch up with itself it only last literally a second then goes back to normal just happens every now and again. It just seems to be happening more frequently recently since I had this strange attack last June.

      I used to live a normal life went to gym 3 or 4 times each week, I live on my own although my 8 year old daughter lives with me 3 times each week, I run my own business and eat healthy and dont smoke although I would have a few drinks about 3 times each week.

      This attack came out of nowwere, started feeling lighheaded for a few days then this turned to bad dizzyness, then horrible headaches down both sides of my head, then the top of my left arm down to my elbow went numb, I thought I was having a stroke or something. This numbness lasted a few hours but the dizzyness went on for weeks. I went to my Dr he said I had a trapped nerve and an ear inbalance and gave me tablets for vertigo. Then I noticed these other strange symptoms aching forearms when I had a shave this was crazy I go to the gym and lift weights reguarly, so how can I get aching forearms just shaving?? Then I noticed pins and neddles sensations all over differnt parts of my body, then I noticed my triceps muscle in my right arm and my calf muscles constantly twitching every now aand again, then one day my forearm muscles in my right hand went into spasm, and I could not write my name.

      I looked up symptoms of dizzyness on the internet and saw MS when I saw the symptoms straight away I thought that makes sense. I went back to my Dr and asked could I have MS no he said absolulty not I said I think your wrong and I want to see a nerologist. He also said I dont have MS but stress and anxiety.

      I feel much better than I was now but I'm not right, I still get headaches, and occasional lightheadness and sometimes aching arms and I get so tired sometimes. I have arrangned a private MRI scan to try to get some answers once and for all.

      Take care all of you, I wish you all the best.


      #7; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 14:59:00 GMT